Banana Egg “Pancakes”

  • 1 banana
  • 2 eggs
  • cooking spray / butter / whatever

Spray/grease pan, begin preheating to whatever heat you cook pancakes at.

Mush banana as much as possible with fork on the inside of a medium bowl.

Mush banana some more.

Add 2 eggs, scramble with banana.

Pour mixture into pan and cook like pancakes.

It makes these easily eatable, transportable slightly-sweet egg wrap thingies.  Fantástico!

I know I got this recipe from somewhere (it’s not my own brain-child) but it was so simple I just remembered the recipe, and didn’t bookmark the website.  So I can’t provide a link to the source of this one, sorry.  I think it’s simple enough they probably won’t be angry I copied their recipe, though, right?


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