Vocabulary Review Time!!! :D

As a huge book-lover and proud sesquipedalian woman, I also have huge lists of “cool words” that I want to use more often, and SHARE with the WORLD (or at least the people willing to let me ramble about facultative parthenogenesis, etc.) so I think I’m going to make a new category and start logging the cool words I find on here, too.  Currently the only “category” is “recipe” but I’m adding “vocabulary” … now.  Done.

….. I’m not sure how I should break up the posts, though.  I shouldn’t do one word per post, should I?  I have too many words for that…


Regardless, let’s get started with a few miscellaneous terms… 😀

  • Crapulous
    • To feel ill because of excessive eating/drinking
    • Bleh.  After Thanksgiving dinner, I always feel crapulous.
  • Grumpish
    • Sullen.  An alternative to grumpy.
    • I’m sick and still have to go to school; I’m allowed to be grumpish.
  • Aporia             (ah-poor-e-a)
    • The feeling you have when your problems cannot be solved
    • An irresolvable internal contradiction in a text, argument, or theory
    • The expression of doubt
  • Mammothrept
    • A sullen, spoiled child (often brought up by an indulgent elder relative)
  • Wanweird
    • Misfortune; ill or unhappy fate
  • Echolalia
    • Habitual or pathological repetition of another’s remarks or recent speech
    • I’m certain my father never had any brain damage, but whenever he hears something funny, he immediately repeats the punchline that made him laugh.  I wonder if it’s just a weird, echolalic quirk of his personality, or if his mother ever dropped him on his head as an infant?
    • Ex. “Don’t touch me.” “Don’t touch me.” “Stop it.” “Stop it.” “Mommy, he keeps repeating me.” “Mommy, he keeps repeating me.” “STOP IT!” “STOP IT!”
  • Lugubrious
    • Excessively mournful
    • Eeyore is the epitome of lugubrious despair.
  • Jannock           (jann-NOK)
    • Pleasant, honest, straight-forward
    • No matter how squirrely he looks, trust me – Paul is an absolute jannock.
  • Postprandial
    • After a meal
    • Thanksgiving is here, which means significant preprandial expectation followed by months of postprandial regret.
  • Farouche          (fah-roo-sh)
    • Sullen, shy
    • “Antisocial and withdrawn” AND “Fierce and wildly passionate”
    • Exhibiting withdrawn temperament and shyness coupled with an air of cranky, often sullen fey charm
    • So, not someone who is timid, but someone who is refusing to be social and is angry about it, basically
    • He stared down into his party cup with a sullen sort of pouting grimace.  He was farouche and icily antisocial towards everyone that wished him a happy birthday.
  • Autovoxiphillia
    • Love of one’s own voice
  • Cockalorum
    • A person of exaggerated self-importance // conceited talk, swagger
    • A little man with an unduly high opinion of himself // boastful talk, braggadocio
    • A person who thinks they’re bigger than they really are
  • Autohagiographer
    • A person who speaks or writes in a smug way about their life and accomplishments (a cockalorum writing an autobiography)
    • An autobiography that overly flatters the subject
    • (Can also refer to an autobiography of an actual saint, but that’s rarer than narcissistic, truth-bending autobiographies)

By the way, the “phonetic” spellings are my own personal attempts at onomatopoeia-izing the pronunciations.   If you want to know for sure how it’s pronounced, use the magical tool at your fingertips called “the internet” and look it up.


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