Ha-HA!  I found my list of some of the BEST words – descriptors for things that I didn’t realize had names (before I found these words, that is).

Yes, I have multiple Word documents of vocabulary …. everywhere.  Home computer, work computer, jump drive on keyring, handwritten notes in my “planner” when I find a word I don’t recognize in a book I’m reading and can’t look it up immediately, everywhere.  Eevveerryywwhheerree.

So here’s some GREAT words!!! 😀 😀 😀

  • Epeolatry
    • the worship of words
    • “This is something all writers, readers, or speakers can identify with.  It’s one of those words that describes a phenomenon we’ve all encountered, yet for some reason is almost never used.  Instead we use phrases like “the worship of words” or “obsession with words” when “epeolatry” would fit perfectly.  This is a concrete idea – devotion to the art of language.”
    • “Figuratively speaking, epeolatry can be playfully applied to philologists, linguists, or lexicographers.  The term is of significant satirical value, and is sometimes used in the denigration of popular religions or belief systems.”
    • Kyle’s epeolatry has gotten to the point where he’s un-friended people on Facebook for misspelling common words. 
  • Groak
    • To silently watch someone while they are eating, hoping to be invited to join them.
    • My dog is a world-class champion groaker. 
    • It’s hard to enjoy your meal when the guy opposite is groaking you the whole time. 
  • Snowbroth
    • Freshly-melted snow
    • alt. definition – Crystalline water ice high in the atmosphere that is a precursor to snow (but I’m obviously more likely to use the first definition)
    • Yesterday we woke up to a perfect carpet of white, but now it’s just snowbroth. 
  • Apricity 
    • The warmth of sun in winter
    • The dichotomous sensation of feeling hot and cold at the same time
    • Even in the darkest December, you sometimes get a moment of beautiful apricity. 
    • In winter, I like to roll my car windows down so the cold air blasts my face, while cranking the heater to max and blowing it on my feet, so I can enjoy the sensation of apricity even if the sun isn’t out.   (Sidenote – this is a true statement by me.  I did this before I knew the word “apricity” and MAN, was I excited when I learned there was a technical term for it!!!)
  • Apricate
    • To spend time basking in the sunshine
    • Most cats are fond of apricating. 
  • Sussuration
    • A very quiet noise; a whisper or soft murmur
    • I sat on the porch and listened to the sussuration of the breeze through the reeds
    • The soft susurrus of conversation ended when the theater lights dimmed. 
    • Sidenote – this book has appeared in Terry Pratchett’s Wee Free Men, and Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book.  Not that anyone cares, it’s just something I’ve noticed.  I first learned it from Wee Free Men, actually, and then was delighted to come across it in The Graveyard Book.
  • Abditory
    • A hiding place or concealed location for storing things
    • The white family allowed runaway slaves on the Underground Railroad to hide from slave-catchers in their abditory under the stairs.
    • When Marie thought she heard a burglar, she quickly placed her valuables in the abditory.
    • After his death, we opened his abditory only to find a single, unsealed note which simply read, “buy more fish,” leaving us with a great many questions. 
  • Kyoodle   (ke-Yoo-del)
    • noun – a noisy, yapping dog
    • verb – making the noises associated with a yappy dog
    • I couldn’t sleep last night because the neighbor’s awful kyoodle wouldn’t shut up!
    • I couldn’t sleep last night because Rover’s awful kyoodling kept me awake!
  • Balter
    • To dance or treat clumsily
    • To dance artlessly, without practiced form or skill, but always with great enjoyment / enthusiasm
    • During the summer, the children were usually barefoot and slightly sunburnt, and they baltered everywhere they went. 
    • I like playing video games with my friend Mike, but I can’t stand to go clubbing with him because his baltering is so embarrassing to watch. 
  • Cacospectamania
    • The obsession with staring at something which is repulsive
    • Ex: When I broke my arm and could see my own bone, it was horribly gross, but I couldn’t look away. 
    • Ex #2 – the internet
  • Cavish
    • The sound of many birds chirping together, or many people chatting at once (louder than a sussuration)
  • Concilliabule
    • A secret meeting of people who are hatching a plot
  • Abderian
    • Given to incessant or idiotic laughter
  • Accubitus
    • Sharing a bed for sleeping only (this word needs to be more common so we can all stop saying, “So did you just sleep together or did you sleep together?”)
  • Amphigory
    • A poem that seems profound but is really complete nonsense (oh lord, I wish I knew this word back in high school English class…..)
  • Subtopia
    • ‘monotonous urban sprawl’ with a very negative connotation
    • Coined in the 1950s to describe the urban sprawl around cities
    • Lit. “nowhere worth living”
  • Clinomania 
    • The excessive desire to remain in bed (This is a REAL WORD!  And here I thought I was just lazy… ha!  Can I call in sick with an acute case of clinomania?!)
  • Dysania
    • The state of having a rough time waking up in the morning; not wanting to get out of bed (often paired with clinomania, obviously)

Well, that’s not the end of my list (HAHAHA not even close) but I think I should give it a break for a while….



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