Tag Explanations

I keep going back and adding new tags or adjusting them… so again, this is more for me to keep track of stuff than for you, but if it helps you, then great.

  • Everything should have either “verified awesome” or “untested” (and if I test it and it’s bad, I’ll delete the post).
  • Main ingredients should be tagged, but not spices (including onion, because onion goes in almost everything).
    • Exceptions – mint and rosemary are labeled, because they’re my favorites! (Actually, garlic and ginger are my favorites too, but like onions, they go in almost everything.)
  • Part of meal should be labeled –
    • main dish
    • side dish (includes dressings, jellies, and snack-y things)
    • dessert
    • breakfast
  • sub-headings under “part of meal”
    • dressing (anything that’s a condiment, including jellies)
    • pancakes/waffles (to denote sweet breakfasts)
    • either “fruity” or “chocolate” will accompany most “dessert” items
      • “cookies” also seems to have developed its own tag
    • either “yeast bread” or “quick bread” should accompany all “bread”
      • I’m also using “quick bread” to denote muffins and other things that could be made into muffins or tiny loaves or what-have-you; I haven’t decided if cakes also count as “quick bread” or only “desserts” – “quick bread” / muffins are things I can eat as a snack, but cake is just… dessert, right?
  • “gluten-free” and “fructose-free” are just determined by me reading over the ingredients list and trying to spot anything that I know is bad for mom or my bestie.  So if you see one of those labels used incorrectly, please let me know so I can change it!
  • TBC…

Should I tag equipment?  Or special equipment?  Or super-incredibly-time-consuming?  But that’s already assumed if it says “yeast bread” right?  How about I don’t tag for the stand mixer and foreman grill (no big deal) but do tag for things like “spring-form pan” and other really weird shit?

Also, “paleo” is hard to define, and I don’t want people whining about how the “paleo” diet doesn’t really correspond with the available foodstuffs of… forget all that.  The label is “paleo-ish” so back off.  I’m not really dedicated to it, as you can tell from some of the other recipes, but I want the good recipes labeled for the times when I am serious about eating “paleo” (…ish).


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